Quality begins in the field and that is why we believe fervently that farmers are our main partners in the challenge of conquering markets. We source from farms across the country. We invite you to be part of our network.

We have a team of buyers distributed in the different productive regions of the country. We interact directly with the farmers and the most important cattle agents in each area, participating actively in cattle auctions.

At the same time, we operate in the Liniers Cattle Market (MLSA), in the Rosario Cattle Market, and in the RosGan. At CCP we aspire to maximize results and establish long-term relationships to achieve the greatest satisfaction of our suppliers and customers.


Juan Serra

Cattle Sourcing Coordinator

Provincia de Buenos Aires.
+54 911 6654 9854

Walter Salinas

Cattle Buyer

Provincias de Corrientes, Entre Rios y Santa Fe.
+54 911 5607 1885

Luciano Marinsalda

Cattle Buyer

Provincias de Córdoba y Santa Fe.
+54 911 357 445 8638

Luis Carpineti

Cattle Buyer

Provincia de Buenos Aires.
+54 911 303 22993

Jorge Herrán

Cattle Buyer

Sudoeste Provincia de Buenos Aires.
+54 2926 476889